7-n-1 Digital Multimeter

7-n-1 Digital Multimeter

IMEX Model Company
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This is a 7-n-1 easy to use digital multimeter. This multimeter is used to measure voltage, current, do continuity checks, and more on the tanks.


  • AC Voltage: 0-250V Max

  • DC Voltage: 200mV-250V Max

  • DC Current: 200uA-5A

  • Frequency: 45Hz to 450Hz

  • Resistance: 200 ohms - 2000k ohms

  • 9V internal battery included

Having issues with a battery or connection? This multimeter will help diagnose most electrical problems on the tanks. A continuity check (making sure there are no broken cables) can easily spot a broken cable in the tank and with a voltage test you can check to see if your batteries need maintenance/charge.