Trumpeter 1/16 M16 MGMC Halftrack

In early 1942, Ordnance was looking for a way to improve the firepower of the twin .50 caliber machine gun armed M13 MGMC. By mid-1942 the four gun version of the two gun Maxson mount was developed. After testing and modification, the mount was standardized as the M45 in December of 1942. At the same time, the new multiple gun motor carriage (MGMC) was designated M16. 

M16 production started in May 1943 at the White Motor Company. By the time production of new M16's was completed in March 1944, 2877 had been built. A further 687 were converted from M13 MGMC's and twin 20mm gun motor carriages. The M16 saw service with U.S. Army until February 1958 when it was declared obsolete.

This is a non RC version of the model. It comes with cast metal chassis frames, metal chains and hinges, and photo-etched parts. When completed it is approximately 413mm x 156mm x 168mm. Only a VERY limited number are available and when sold will not be restocked! Get yours now before it is too late!