1/35 German Tank Ammo Loading Crew

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1/35 German Tank Ammo Loading Crew

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One 1/35 German Tank Ammo-Loading Crew with Accessories

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Parts molded in tan and attached to sprue trees.
Includes four WWII German tank crew figures and many additional
Figures depict four varying postures while loading ammunition in
their tank.
Two figures wear fatigue clothes, while the other two are in jump
Ammo includes two 75mm armor-piercing shells for the Panther, two
88mm armor-piercing shells for the King Tiger, six 75mm armor-
piercing shells for the Pz.Kpfw.IV (long-barrel), and four 88mm
high explosive shells for the Tiger I.
Four ammunition crates for each of the above-mentioned tanks are also
supplied. These were used during transport, often mounted on the
hull of the tanks.
Spare road wheels for the Panther tank, plus lucky cats are included.
Waterslide decals.