Walterson's T-72A **Coming soon**

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Walterson's T-72A **Coming soon**


This is Walterson’s first entry into the 1/16th scale tank scene. Walterson’s has plenty of experience with high quality models and RC in other scales such as the 72nd, 35th, and 24th scale markets and is now expanding into the 1/16th scale market. This tank is quite the wonder and offers a perfect balance between price and quality.

**This tank is expected to release in late summer of 2019**

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The Walterson’s T-72A tank is an all new tank using no other molds or common shared parts from other previous tanks including Taigen. Everything is new from the ground up from the drivetrain to the electronics. Some of the new features include new super quiet and effecient gearboxes with multiple gearing options available (sold separately), premium grade 757 ABS plastic, 6061 Aluminum, thick moldings for the lower chassis with lots of rigidity, Forces of Valor figure, patented smoke effect generator, custom speaker box with bass channels, easy open battery cover on upper hull, and all new electronics.

The new patented airsoft barrel recoil design now has a brand new designed from the ground up airsoft unit and recoil system built in with the correct fast recoil and slow return to battery you expect to see in a real tank. This tank also features a new electronics system as well, the Maxwell 5000 V2 system with real sounds from a V-46 V12 diesel powered T-72 tank which were recorded by Waltersons themselves. It comes with a 4.5W speaker, high output mosfets, detachable sound card, proportional control, independent up and down elevation, auxiliary power mod/engine driving modes, headlight control, new smoke effects, and the ability to do software updates if needed in the future.


  • 2.4GHz Transmitter

  • TBD** Battery

  • 8.4V 1000mAh Wall Charger

  • TBD** Accessory Kit

  • TBD** Smoke Fluid

  • Approximate Size (LxWxH): TBD**

  • Approximate Weight: TBD**


  • TBD Gearboxes ****

  • Thick 2.5mm Plastic Chassis

  • Plastic Turret

  • TBD** Drive Wheels

  • TBD** Adjustable Idler Wheels

  • TBD** Road Wheels

  • Plastic Caterpillar Tracks

  • Metal Gun Barrel

  • LED Headlights with Remote On/Off Switch

  • Torsion Bar Suspension

  • Barrel Recoil When Firing (Both airsoft and infrared models)

  • New Smoke Unit and Effects

  • Actual T-72 V12 diesel sounds recorded by Walterson’s