Taigen & Torro Tanks User Manuals

Click your tank to view a full manual. Each manual may be downloaded or printed free of charge. Some tanks like the Tiger 1 share a single manual across multiple variants.

Taigen Tanks V1 Motherboard Wiring Diagram

This is the first generation motherboards found in many of our tanks. The identifier for this board versus the newer V2 board is the addition of 6 ports on the right side of the board under the port labeled G. If your board picture matches this one then you have the V1 motherboard. The V2 transmitter will connect to this board and operate it just fine, though the toggle switch for the smoke unit will not function as it is made for the V2 motherboard. The smoke unit will have to be toggled on or off via the switch only on the V1 motherboard.

Taigen V2 Electronics Wiring Diagram

This is the newest V2 electronics system from Taigen. It features a 6 channel PWM receiver input and also has a modular sound card. The smoke unit on/off switch has been removed on this motherboard and the top left toggle on the transmitter now enables or disables the new proportional smoke unit (all previous and current Taigen smoke units compatible). This motherboard also has proportional turret rotation added and finer motor control over the last motherboard. The sounds have also been synced to a lower RPM so that the engine sounds start as the tank moves for a better experience. The speaker and volume plugs have also been removed and replaced, the old volume control plug is now the new sound card plug and the old speaker plug is now the hobby grade transmitter bind plug. These have changed in size as well so that you cannot accidently plug them in incorrectly on the board.

Wiring Diagram for IR.jpg