Tiger 1 Metal Lower Chassis & Metal Suspension Arms


Tiger 1 Metal Lower Chassis & Metal Suspension Arms

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A stock replacement lower metal chassis for the Taigen Tiger 1. The chassis comes with torsion bars and metal suspension arms installed. 


Replacement torsion bars can be found HERE. The set includes a pair of torsion bars, brass sleeves, c-clips, and torsion bar holders.

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This lower chassis can also be used to upgrade your Heng Long Tiger 1 tank to a metal lower chassis. Please make sure to either purchase our metal road wheel axles to fit the suspension arms (the axle attachment is different) or you can purchase our metal road wheels for either the early or late version Tiger 1 tank which come with the axles as well. 

TAG120033 - Tiger 1 early version road wheel axles

TAG120025 - Tiger 1 early version metal road wheel set with rubber tires

TAG120017 - Tiger 1 late version metal road wheel set

For installation questions please check our Tiger 1 kit manual HERE. This manual is for our Tiger 1 kit and shows how to build the tank from scratch. Most installation questions can be answered by checking this link. This link however will not be a guide on how to install a Heng Long upper hull to your lower hull, it is a guide on how it is put together and how to work it with the Taigen Tiger 1 tank components.