Taigen Support

Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. Due to the nature of the tanks we may ask for a picture or a video as well to help demonstrate the issue. If so our email is IMEX@TaigenTanks.com where we typically answer within 24-48 hours. However during holiday seasons our response time may shoot up to 72 hours as we try to filter them all and make sure every customer is correctly handled in a way we ourselves would like to be handled.  

You can also view our manuals and wiring diagrams page here: Taigen User Manuals & Diagrams where most answers about where things are plugged in and what wire does what questions can be answered. 

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A phone call return will take much longer than email. Please be aware if you do not have an email your support may take a bit longer than others. Due to the nature of tech support it is HIGHLY suggested to have access to the internet (including email) where we can send links to things like repairs and such if needed. Please only use the phone number option if you do not have an email. Returned calls will be either a 800, 352, or 727 area code. Please be aware of this and don't ignore the strange numbers! :)