1/48 Russian Field Car GAZ-67B with Figure - Taigen Tanks

1/48 Russian Field Car GAZ-67B with Figure

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This is Tamiya's GAZ-67B Soviet Field Car with added figures from ICM. Faced with a lack of a decent 4 X 4 multi-purpose utility vehicle at the start of WWII, the Soviets hastily designed and produced (from design to production in only 51 days!) more the 90,000 of the vehicles. Heavily influenced by the US Willys MB Jeep, the GAZ-67B unfortunately did not share its legendary reliability, although, like the US Jeep, they continued serving with the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations well after the end of WWII.

Tamiya's GAZ is sharply molded entirely in dark green and clear styrene (no metal chassis in this kit) and includes one well-sculpted driver figure from Tamiya and seven more figures from ICM of the Ukraine. No engine detail is included, other than that seen from the bottom of the vehicle. Decals are for three different vehicles.