Shipping Update 10/19/2016

Hey Tankers!

Our shipping company has let us know everything is still on time at the moment and is scheduled to arrive at the Tampa port over the weekend. The shipment will have to be cleared by US Customs which is where we are unsure of the delivery date to our warehouse. We are hoping to get them in the middle of the week or possibly the end of the week depending on delays (sorry guys, the weather has been rough here as you all know) and delivery time. 

Please also remember these tanks are checked again by hand here before leaving our warehouse which may create a small extra delay, but we add extra protection for the ride such as taping down the hatches and adding extra soft foam support for the barrels. Only the best for you guys!

Preorder bonuses will stop today at 5pm EST. If you have placed your order already then there is nothing to worry about. If you are still on the fence or are planning on placing the order when we get them in you might want to think about the extra smoke unit and firing unit included... if you have another tank it might benefit from a V2 smoker upgrade or an upgraded airsoft firing unit for those with our first generation airsoft units (the new 2nd gen are black and have Taigen written on the side).



Panthers/Sherman 76mm Update! Free Parts with Preorders!

Updated 9/8/2016

For those who preorder the Panther G, Panther F, and Sherman 76mm RTR tanks will be including a free replacement smoke unit and also a replacement firing unit for your tank as well. These will be included with the tanks at no charge and will ship with the tanks.

The is also retroactive to customers who have already preordered, we will add this to your order automatically :)

There is also no need for a coupon code either, we will include the items when they ship.

Updated ETA!!

We have received an ETA of 10/22/2016 (Saturday) for the tanks. They will arrive the week after here and will be hand checked before shipping to make sure everything is 100% before shipping. Our new update for shipping is the last week of October/first week of November.

Thanks for the continued support!

Oxford/Cobi Military Building Blocks!

Military Blocks!!

Both Cobi and Oxford blocks have been added to the website and are focused on military collections. Everything from tanks to Jeeps to planes can be found there with more planned in the future.

Pictured below is my build of the new half track by Oxford. It was a great build an only took around an hour or so to complete.

Moar Kits!!

Well you guys asked and now you got it... MOAR KITS! The new kits are not the build it from scratch type like our Tiger 1 kit, but are the bare parts minus the motherboard, transmitter, speaker, smoker, power switch, and gearboxes. This allows you to build it however you wish :)

The newest tanks added to the line are the Jagdtiger, Sherman, and Panther G/F tanks. For the Jagdtiger you may select either IR or Airsoft while the Sherman and Panther tanks offer a few more options as far as turrets, tracks, and drive components. Check out our new kit section for more info!

New Website!

Welcome tankers to the new Taigen Tanks website! We hope to continue offering awesome service and great prices!

Our newest item announced is the all new Leopard lower hull for the Heng Long Leopard 2A6 tank! This guy is super strong and detailed and we are hoping to have it released by the end of this year! A quick rundown video can be found below:

Shown here is the first look at the new Taigen Leopard 2A6 lower chassis for the Heng Long Leopard 2A6 tank. This lower chassis is a large leap ahead of most current in production designs and is VERY tough.

More news and updates coming soon! Thanks for visiting and looking!