Walterson's T-72A News!

Hey Tankers!

So the time has finally come… The Walterson’s T-72A is finally complete! Production will be starting in May and they should arrive shortly after that. The new T-72A is quite the wonder and has a ton of new and advanced features. Everything from the ground up is all new and designed by the Walterson’s team in-house to offer one of the finest models available to date. This tank has all new electronics, high quality molds and materials, available in airsoft or infrared models (both of which are barrel recoil!), all newly designed smoke unit, new ported speaker box and upgraded sound system with interchangeable sound cards (sold separately), and even the ability to software update if needed.

The gearboxes are brand new and designed to be not only ultra quiet and efficient but Walterson’s also thought of the fact that customers will want different speeds for the gearboxes. The stock gearboxes will be able to swap the gears and have 5 different speeds to choose from (more on this later). With this and the new electronics your tank will drive how you want it when you want it.

While the first 1/16th was worked on for a long time, the reasons were well worth it. The final product will be one of great quality and big strides in innovation. As much of the designs can be ported to future tanks the next one will take way less time and they already have some in mind of course. Check out some of the box art below and we will have more info next week as well as a product sample video review coming soon too.