Waltersons 1/16th T-72 Updates & Pictures

Hey Tankers!

So after a visit to the Waltersons main office we got a small peak at the upcoming T-72 1/16th scale tank coming from them in the next few months. The tank is almost done and they are working on the final molds for the turret just trying to get that texture right as seen below. Here are a few shots of the handmade and ultimately rejected pre-production samples. The texture was almost right but just not quite 100% what they wanted so a few more are being worked on now.


Almost! Getting close to final!


A view from the rear


One last view from the other side

Lots of new stuff are coming for the Waltersons tank as well including ALL NEW electronics, gearboxes, and design features. From the sound system to the smoke system, everything is a new concept :) The battery will be keep in the rear of the tank and a new on/off switch will be mounted there to go with it. It will have all new sounds as well recorded by Waltersons themselves and will have a few other surprises not yet announced. 


T-72 Gearboxes

(Not final, subject to material changes!)


T-72 Battery Compartment

The T-72 will be available in either airsoft or infrared models and will be available first as a kit and then as a RTR model. The tank comes equipped with a torsion bar chassis, lots of bearings, and a very efficient drivetrain as well as all new electronics. More info will be announced as the release gets closer. We are expecting a Q3/Q4 release and will keep everyone up to date on the news but for now enjoy some pictures!