April China Visits

Hey Tankers!

As some of you may know we make regular trips to our factory to check future items out, ensure QC, talk business, and more around this time of the year. Bossman regularly heads out but myself, (IMEX-Erik) will be gone from approximately the 11th through the 25th of April.

During this time advanced tech support will be a bit slower and limited compared to our normal 24-48hr response time as we will trying to respond from halfway around the world :) During this trip we will be checking out new stuff and will come back with some news as well!  

Our office will still be staffed, techs are still hand checking tanks, and minimal tech support will be on hand, just be aware that some more advanced questions or issues may take a bit of time for our staff to relay the info to me as we are on a 12hr time difference. 

To reward you for your patience I'll make sure to share some juicy info when we get back! Happy tanking!

Taigen 1/16th German Leopard 2A6 Metal Edition

Taigen 1/16th German Leopard 2A6 Metal Edition