Hurricane Irma

Hey Tankers!

We have a nasty hurricane coming and there is a good chance we will be hit here at our warehouse in Brooksville, FL. However, we are lucky and the warehouse is on high ground and pretty well protected so there are no worries there for our tankers :)

This could also be a very bad storm for us and we may take a day or two off if we are unable to get to work. We are very serious about our jobs but evacuation plans are being made all over our state. Bossman and I plan to ride it out but the rest of the team we wish only to stay safe during this rough time. 

Shipping may be delayed during this time (no delays as of 9/7 or expected for 9/8), but before there is any we will update the site and our tankers here and on our Facebook page HERE.

We appreciate the thoughts and concerns, we are all battening down the hatches now too and if you are in the pathway of Irma please be prepared!

Hurricane Irma (2017)

Hurricane Irma (2017)