April Fool's Day Sales!


No Jokes Here, Just Sales!

Hey Tankers!
     This weekend we will be offering free 390 motor upgrades to everyone who purchases our Tiger 1 Mid Version Metal Edition tank with airsoft barrel recoil! On top of the normal ball bearing gearboxes we will install some more powerful 390 motors for that extra power :)
      There will also be two battery and charger combos available through the weekend as well. The MX3.5 NIMH/Lipo charger will be paired with either our 3000mAh battery or our 5000mAh battery for a perfect battery and charger upgrade, just one button charging!
      On top of all this we have also added a limited selection of Heng Long 1/16th scale modern tanks to our website as well. The Heng Long Leopard 2A6, Abrams (in NATO Camo), Challenger, and ZTZ99 are now available through us and are hand checked before shipping just like the Taigen tanks.

This sale will run until 5pm EST on Monday (4/3/2017) so act fast!
Make sure to use Promo Code: APRILFOOLS for free shipping over $75!

MX3.5 4A 35W NIMH/LiPo Charger + 3000mAh 7.2V NIMH Battery
Only $49.99
MX3.5 4A 35W NIMH/LiPo Charger + 5000mAh 7.2V NIMH Battery
Only $59.99!
Tiger 1 Mid Version Metal Edition with Airsoft Barrel Recoil (TAG13050)
Get a free 390 motor upgrade! No promo codes needed!
New Heng Long Tank Section Added!
The Heng Long Leopard 2A6, Challenger 2, Abrams M1A2, and ZTZ99 are now available and ready to ship! The Leopard even comes with an option to add our new lower hull and even comes with HL's new dual sound system to match. The Taigen lower is painted to match the Leopard 2A6 and is also available and ready to ship.
Additional 10% off select accessories in the Taigen parts section!
New and improved navigation makes part selection a bit easier with more improvements coming!
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