Tanksgiving & Black Friday Update!

Hey Tankers!

Happy Tanksgiving! One of our favorite days of the year :) To celebrate we are having lots of sales covering everything from parts to tanks! Here are some of the sales you can find on the site through Monday night (11/28).

  • Sherman 75mm and 76mm Kits added
  • Panther G and F Kits added
  • Buy One Get One Free 1/72nd scale IMEX/Waltersons tanks
  • Waltersons Figures sale
  • Torro Figures sale
  • 20% All Military Building Block Sets (Cobi & Oxford)
  • TAG13030 T-34/85 Airsoft @ $349.99!!! Limited Supplies!
  • Taigen 1/16th Scale German Tank Sales
  • Taigen 1/16th Scale part sales

Make sure to visit the homepage @ www.TaigenTanks.com with links to all the sales! We hope you ALL have a great and SAFE weekend.

(Tip: No politics at the table or Walmart brawls guys and girls!)