Waltersons 1/16th T-72 Updates & Pictures

Hey Tankers!

So after a visit to the Waltersons main office we got a small peak at the upcoming T-72 1/16th scale tank coming from them in the next few months. The tank is almost done and they are working on the final molds for the turret just trying to get that texture right as seen below. Here are a few shots of the handmade and ultimately rejected pre-production samples. The texture was almost right but just not quite 100% what they wanted so a few more are being worked on now.


Almost! Getting close to final!


A view from the rear


One last view from the other side

Lots of new stuff are coming for the Waltersons tank as well including ALL NEW electronics, gearboxes, and design features. From the sound system to the smoke system, everything is a new concept :) The battery will be keep in the rear of the tank and a new on/off switch will be mounted there to go with it. It will have all new sounds as well recorded by Waltersons themselves and will have a few other surprises not yet announced. 


T-72 Gearboxes

(Not final, subject to material changes!)


T-72 Battery Compartment

The T-72 will be available in either airsoft or infrared models and will be available first as a kit and then as a RTR model. The tank comes equipped with a torsion bar chassis, lots of bearings, and a very efficient drivetrain as well as all new electronics. More info will be announced as the release gets closer. We are expecting a Q3/Q4 release and will keep everyone up to date on the news but for now enjoy some pictures!

April China Visits

Hey Tankers!

As some of you may know we make regular trips to our factory to check future items out, ensure QC, talk business, and more around this time of the year. Bossman regularly heads out but myself, (IMEX-Erik) will be gone from approximately the 11th through the 25th of April.

During this time advanced tech support will be a bit slower and limited compared to our normal 24-48hr response time as we will trying to respond from halfway around the world :) During this trip we will be checking out new stuff and will come back with some news as well!  

Our office will still be staffed, techs are still hand checking tanks, and minimal tech support will be on hand, just be aware that some more advanced questions or issues may take a bit of time for our staff to relay the info to me as we are on a 12hr time difference. 

To reward you for your patience I'll make sure to share some juicy info when we get back! Happy tanking!

 Taigen 1/16th German Leopard 2A6 Metal Edition

Taigen 1/16th German Leopard 2A6 Metal Edition

Xmas Rush!

Hey Tankers!

So as we get closer and closer to Xmas we wanted to remind everyone to get their orders in ASAP! All our tanks are hand checked before leaving our warehouse. This may create a small delay during the huge sales and orders we get during the Xmas season, but we are sure you would rather have a double checked item :) 

Normally we try to get out the tanks the same day or the next day if the cutoff was too late, however we do ask you allow us 2-3 business days to ship your tank through the end of December. Unfortunately we do not offer rush shipping on the tanks either, more often than not rush shipping means more damages.

We can no longer guarantee your order will be received by Xmas, but we will be doing our best to get the tanks checked, packed, and shipped ASAP! We are working overtime every day and working 6 and some of us 7 days a week until Xmas is over so please bear with us! 


Happy holidays to all from the IMEX/Taigen team and happy tanking!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Sales!

Hey tankers!

This Black Friday weekend we are having tons of sales, listed below are the big ones:

Make sure and have a safe and happy holiday!

Hurricane Irma

Hey Tankers!

We have a nasty hurricane coming and there is a good chance we will be hit here at our warehouse in Brooksville, FL. However, we are lucky and the warehouse is on high ground and pretty well protected so there are no worries there for our tankers :)

This could also be a very bad storm for us and we may take a day or two off if we are unable to get to work. We are very serious about our jobs but evacuation plans are being made all over our state. Bossman and I plan to ride it out but the rest of the team we wish only to stay safe during this rough time. 

Shipping may be delayed during this time (no delays as of 9/7 or expected for 9/8), but before there is any we will update the site and our tankers here and on our Facebook page HERE.

We appreciate the thoughts and concerns, we are all battening down the hatches now too and if you are in the pathway of Irma please be prepared!

 Hurricane Irma (2017)

Hurricane Irma (2017)

July 4th Week Sales!

Hey Tankers! 

We hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July! To celebrate we will be running lots of sales all week so make sure to check in with us periodically and check your inbox for our newsletters! 

Current Sales:

This sale will run until July 10th @ 11:59pm PST so make sure to take advantage while you can!

40 off tamiya and trumpeter.jpg

Arriving Early? We are! ETA Updates inside!

Hey Tankers!

     We got lucky this shipment and it seems we are about a week and a half early! We are expecting our shipment to arrive here early to mid next week and will ship out the preorders first and then add inventory for the rest of the items. Please give us a few days to sort the parts, we did order a LOT of stuff and even some new items which will be in one of the next newsletters as well.

     We will continue to keep you all up to date! Thanks all for the patience with the preorders and continued support! 


Happy tanking!


Newsletter 5/12


Updates & Sales!

Hey Tankers!
We will soon be stocking the Heng Long T90 (and metal parts) and they are now available for preorder! Use Promo Code: HLT90FREESHIP and HLT90PROFREESHIP to get a free shipping discount. **Promo code available for the contiguous 48 US states only and cannot be combined with other offers**
Special weekend bonus - Buy a tank from now until 5/15 @ 3am EST and get a free Taigen 7.2V 3000mAh NIMH battery with your tank! No promo code needed, just purchase and enjoy! *T90 Preorder offer not included in this promo*
Tank Updates: Many tanks will return back to stock on the Mid-June shipment including the Tiger 1, T-34/85, Panther G Metal Edition, and of course the King Tiger (Henschel Turret). We will update you guys as soon as they arrive!

Heng Long 1/16th Scale T90 preorders now starting! ETA: Mid-June. We have both the T90 Stanard Versions and T90 Pro Versions available and both come with the new 2.4GHz dual sound system from Heng Long. Get yours now!
New Heng Long Parts Section added to the website with optional Taigen V2 Gearboxes available as well. More parts coming soon!
Get a free 3000mAh 7.2V NIMH battery with any tank purchase this weekend (5/12-5/14) 
*Excluding T90 Preorders*
New track links added! Get x10 spare links for spares, display, or battlefield accessories! Our easy to use selector just lets you pick your tank and your track links will be picked for you. Vist the new product listing HERE.
An all new Panzer IV Metal Edition tank is coming soon! Expect it to arrive around the same time as the all new Panzer III Metal Edition! A summer version will be first and an winter version will follow with Winterketten tracks! More info soon!

Newsletter 4/28/2017


Hey Tankers!

We have news! There will be a new Panzer III coming soon and new 390 gearboxes are now available in the Taigen store! To thank you guys for dealing with our slower than normal customer support over the last week while we visited Taigen we are going to do a big sale for you guys! 
Free Shipping on all orders over $75 (4/28-5/1, HI/AK locations excluded), lots of tank sales, and some new 390 4:1 gearboxes at a great price! Use Promo code: FREESHIP75 at checkout!

A New Panzer III Coming Soon!

New metal turret, upgraded lower hull design, new easy open latch design, and fully compatible with the previous Panzer III Metal Edition!
Coming Late Summer 2017 near the same time as our new upcoming Panzer IV! The Panzer III will be offered in RTR and Kit form!
More Information!

390 Motor 4:1 Steel Gearboxes!

Steel Gearboxes in our most popular gearbox style (High/Low, 4:1) are now available in both 48mm and 58mm versions at a great price!

Panzer IV F1 Airsoft RTR Tank
King Tiger Porsche Turret Airsoft and Infrared RTR Models Available!
Sturmgeschutz III Plastic Edition Airsoft and Infrared RTR Models Available!
Jagdpanther Airsoft and Infrared RTR Models Available!

Tiger 1 Early Version Metal Edition Kit

Don't forget our Tiger 1 kit! With options such as adding an electronics system or 360 units you can have a great build for a great price!

All English Color HD Manual with Simple Instructions!
Finally a manual that is easy to read and follow! Instructions and components need to build airsoft or infrared are included in this kit too! Click HERE to view!

New Panzer III Update Coming Soon!

Hey Tankers!

Just to give you guys a heads up, a new Panzer III model will soon be available from us! This Panzer III has some new updates such as a new and better easy open latch system more like our T34 and Panther models, new screw together road wheels, a thicker lower hull, new upper hull, new metal turret, and the all new Taigen electronics system! This tank is expected to arrive around the end of Summer!

Included below is a few "naked" pictures so you guys can see what is metal and what is plastic. This tank will use our proven torsion bar suspension design and is tough as nails :) Happy tanking and keep watching for more news!

April Fool's Day Sales!


No Jokes Here, Just Sales!

Hey Tankers!
     This weekend we will be offering free 390 motor upgrades to everyone who purchases our Tiger 1 Mid Version Metal Edition tank with airsoft barrel recoil! On top of the normal ball bearing gearboxes we will install some more powerful 390 motors for that extra power :)
      There will also be two battery and charger combos available through the weekend as well. The MX3.5 NIMH/Lipo charger will be paired with either our 3000mAh battery or our 5000mAh battery for a perfect battery and charger upgrade, just one button charging!
      On top of all this we have also added a limited selection of Heng Long 1/16th scale modern tanks to our website as well. The Heng Long Leopard 2A6, Abrams (in NATO Camo), Challenger, and ZTZ99 are now available through us and are hand checked before shipping just like the Taigen tanks.

This sale will run until 5pm EST on Monday (4/3/2017) so act fast!
Make sure to use Promo Code: APRILFOOLS for free shipping over $75!

MX3.5 4A 35W NIMH/LiPo Charger + 3000mAh 7.2V NIMH Battery
Only $49.99
MX3.5 4A 35W NIMH/LiPo Charger + 5000mAh 7.2V NIMH Battery
Only $59.99!
Tiger 1 Mid Version Metal Edition with Airsoft Barrel Recoil (TAG13050)
Get a free 390 motor upgrade! No promo codes needed!
New Heng Long Tank Section Added!
The Heng Long Leopard 2A6, Challenger 2, Abrams M1A2, and ZTZ99 are now available and ready to ship! The Leopard even comes with an option to add our new lower hull and even comes with HL's new dual sound system to match. The Taigen lower is painted to match the Leopard 2A6 and is also available and ready to ship.
Additional 10% off select accessories in the Taigen parts section!
New and improved navigation makes part selection a bit easier with more improvements coming!
Shop Now!



Taigen Leopard 2A6 Metal Lower Chassis Now Available For Preorder!


Now In Stock!

Now through March 6th (3/6/2017) enjoy free shipping on all tanks an orders over $75! Use promo code: FREESHIP75 at checkout for the discount! Many tanks and parts will be back in stock, make sure to check out our website for the latest arrivals! 
The Taigen Lower chassis is now here! Get yours now! Available in 3 different configurations to suit your needs! All chassis come painted to match the stock Heng Long Leopard 2A6 upper hull and are ready to install in minutes, just add the quick open latches and the front plate for the upper hull (included) and enjoy!
Forces of Valor/Walterson's 1/24th Scale 2.4GHz RTR Infrared Battle Tanks
With an advanced infrared battle system, proportional controls, and a great sound system these tanks are more than just models! These fully operational tanks are ready for some carnage! Available now!
IMEX 150W/10A AC/DC Charger + DC Power Supply
-3" Touch Screen Display
-AC/DC Input
-Multi Chemistry Battery Charger
-10A/150W Output Power
-2.1A USB Output
-Much More!
IMEX 7.2V NIMH 5000mAh Battery
Make sure to keep watch for more news Thursday and Friday! More arrivals and new products are coming! Stay subscribed and happy tanking guys! 

News From Taigen Tanks!!

Preorders now starting!

Some of you may have heard we have been working on a metal lower chassis for the Heng Long Leopard 2A6.... well if you haven't been following us on FB or RCU the news is true! A preview video can be found HERE where we tear down and explain the chassis is great detail. 
After many months of testing the Taigen Leopard 2A6 has proven to be a rock solid runner and super durable! The torsion bars normally offered in our tanks has been substantially increased to easily carry the weight of the solid metal chassis and has the switches for the tank on the back with spring loaded hatches as well as our tried and true quick open latch system.
We are offering the lower chassis in 3 different options (all of which are painted to match the stock HL Leopard paint scheme):

  • Metal Chassis with suspension arms
  • Metal Chassis with suspension arms, drive wheels, idler wheels, metal road wheels with rubber tires, and metal closed pin tracks. This version also comes with Taigen's newest steel ball bearing gearboxes with 390 motors in the 4:1 ratio!
  • Metal Chassis with suspension arms, drive wheels, idler wheels, metal road wheels with rubber tires, metal closed pin tracks, Taigen 3W speaker, Taigen V2 smoke unit, and Taigen motherboard. This version also comes with Taigen's newest steel ball bearing gearboxes with 390 motors in the 4:1 ratio!
Leopard 2A6 Chassis
Buy Now
Leopard 2A6 Chassis + Drivetrain
Buy Now
Leopard 2A6 Chassis + Drivetrain + Electronics
Buy Now
Taigen Tanks Leopard 2A6 Lower Hull Upgrade for Heng Long Tanks
Check out our tear down of the Taigen Leopard lower chassis!

New 1/24th Scale 2.4GHz FOV/Waltersons RTR RC Battle Tanks! Preorders starting now!

Hey Tankers,

The new 1/24th scale tanks from FOV/Walterson's are great RTR 2.4GHz battle tanks with an advanced infrared battle system built in. Preorders start now and the ETA is Early/Mid February. We will update the ETA as it nears. 

The tank listings can be found by clicking the pictures below, we are offering $5 off one or $15 off 2 tanks if preordered and combo packs can be selected when choosing quantity. The tanks will go back to regular price when the items arrive and preorders will be shipped first in the order received.

The listings have pictures, manuals, and descriptions and a full parts list will be added soon as well. The tanks have advanced battle systems so please check out the manuals for more info!

New Taigen Panzer IV Metal Edition!

Hey Tankers,

We just wanted to update everyone and let you guys know a metal edition Panzer IV is in the works! This will have our newest stamped lower hull design, metal drive components, 360 degree metal turret, and will be available in either airsoft or infrared models! 

More details to come, we are aiming for a Summer 2017 release! Enjoy the pics for now, a teardown video will be made available soon!

Taigen Xmas Sale!

Tanksgiving & Black Friday Update!

Hey Tankers!

Happy Tanksgiving! One of our favorite days of the year :) To celebrate we are having lots of sales covering everything from parts to tanks! Here are some of the sales you can find on the site through Monday night (11/28).

  • Sherman 75mm and 76mm Kits added
  • Panther G and F Kits added
  • Buy One Get One Free 1/72nd scale IMEX/Waltersons tanks
  • Waltersons Figures sale
  • Torro Figures sale
  • 20% All Military Building Block Sets (Cobi & Oxford)
  • TAG13030 T-34/85 Airsoft @ $349.99!!! Limited Supplies!
  • Taigen 1/16th Scale German Tank Sales
  • Taigen 1/16th Scale part sales

Make sure to visit the homepage @ with links to all the sales! We hope you ALL have a great and SAFE weekend.

(Tip: No politics at the table or Walmart brawls guys and girls!)

Shipping Update 10/26/2016 (One more week!)

Hey Tankers,

We received some news today that our container is a few days late and will be arriving this weekend at port. This is just after we were told it was on time a week ago.... :(

The container is hopefully going to be here Monday-Wednesday and orders will go out shortly after, we just need a bit of time to hand check and inspect them before they leave. Parts that were preordered will also leave at the same time. 

We apologize for the additional wait, the shipping container transit times unfortunately are out of our hands. Once it gets here you can bet we will do everything as fast as we can to make sure you get your tanks and parts ASAP. We appreciate your patience and please feel free to contact us at with any questions, we are always happy to help. We will update you guys again soon.