Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


General Transmitter & Tank Operation Questions

For questions involving how to bind, start, and operate the tanks as well as general tank operation questions. This covers our tanks in general and also goes over the maintenance we also recommend with our tanks. 

V1 Taigen T5 Electronics

This section includes frequently asked questions about our V1 2.4GHz electronics systems in our tanks. You can find wiring diagrams, tips, and more here.

V2 Taigen T5 Eletronics

This section is for our newest V2 2.4GHz electronics system from Taigen. This board has lots of added features of the V1 and you can find resources and such here. 

Taigen Airsoft & Infrared Questions

These are frequently asked questions about our Airsoft and Infrared tanks such as : "What is the difference between the two? What do they shoot exactly?" and more. 

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General Troubleshooting Tips