General Transmitter & Tank Operation Questions


A: Yes! Our tanks are 2.4GHz radio controlled tanks with working smoke units, sounds, recoil, and even working firing units! Depending on whether you choose Airsoft or Infrared as an option your tank will be able to either shoot 6mm airsoft BBs or be able to interactively battle with our other Taigen tanks!

Q: What is the difference between Airsoft and Infrared model tanks? 

A: The tank is exactly the same between the two except for the firing unit inside of the turret. On airsoft tanks the turret can hold around 20-50 airsoft BBs (depending on model) and can fire 6mm .12g BBs at around 100-150 FPS and also has track recoil while firing. Our infrared tanks are made to battle and interact with other tanks so they will not fire actual BBs but instead will shoot an infrared beam (safe for eyes, the IR beam is not visible to our eyes) at another tank and get both the track recoil the airsoft unit has but also a barrel recoil. The infrared tank also has an LED flasher at the end of the barrel to help further simulate the actual firing. 

Q: Can I use my own transmitter with your tanks?

A: If your tank has our V2 electronics system in it and you have a 6 channel PWM receiver then yes you can use your own transmitter with our system. Please check the V2 Taigen T5 Eletronics section where you can find further details on this. However if your tank has our V1 motherboard installed then no, you cannot use your own transmitter. If you have our V1 motherboard installed you will need to upgrade to our V2 which can use the stock transmitter or your own transmitter and can be swapped between both with one single plug on the board.

Q: How can I tell if I have a V1 or V2 motherboard? Is there a quick way to see?

A: Yes, there are multiple identifiers for the boards. The easiest way is to check the picture below and look on the right side of the board. If you see the plugs circled in RED then your board is a V2. If you do not have these plugs then your board is our V1 edition board.