Frequently Asked Questions


A: Yes! With proportional track control, turret rotation, elevation, a working smoke unit, sound effects, LED lighting, and recoil when firing! We also offer two types of tanks, Airsoft or Infrared models.


Q: What is the difference between Airsoft and Infrared tanks?

A: Airsoft models fire 6mm .12g plastic BBs while the Infrared models use and infrared system to battle and register hits versus other Taigen brand tanks. The infrared tanks will also feature barrel recoil in addition to the track recoil (except the Sturmtiger). We also have a new airsoft barrel recoil turret available only for the Tiger 1 at this time.


Q: Where can I purchase your tanks?

A: You can purchase our tanks via our website or your local hobby shop. You may also find our products on various other platforms such as Amazon and eBay.


Q: I have a problem, suggestion, or request... Who do I contact?

A: First, gather as much information or pictures as you can and email it to with the model tank it refers to. We will get back asap to you. Our normal response times are within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. You can also visit our Youtube page HERE where we have lots of how-to videos and introductions to models and parts.  


Q: Do you have a Facebook or Youtube account? How else can I stay in touch with the tanking community?

A: Our Facebook page can be found HERE and our Youtube page is located HERE. We are also actively on the RCUniverse forums under the tank section HERE. On RCUniverse our representative is IMEX-Erik and he browses there almost daily.

Battery Related Questions

Q: What size battery can I fit in my tank? 

A: If you have a 2000mAh battery you can also use our 3000mAh and 5000mAh batteries as they are the same dimensions as the 2000mAh battery. If your tank came stock with the 1700mAh battery (type 1 HERE and type 2 HERE) then you are restricted to those two batteries without modification.  


Q: What type of battery can I use?

A: The batteries we recommend are 7.2V 6 cell NiMh batteries. We do not recommend running any Lithium batteries in our tanks. The voltage cutoff is different for the batteries and the tank will drop the voltage way below safe levels for a lipo and is therefore not recommended. Please use the stock 7.2V NiMh batteries for safety and compatibility. 


Q: How long should I charge my battery?

A: This answer depends on a combination of your battery and charger. A larger charger will output more power and charge faster for the same battery while a larger capacity battery (mAh) will have longer tank run time but increase charge time. The stock battery and charger takes 4-6 hours for a dead battery. Larger chargers such as a our MX Series chargers can output a higher current (2A, 4A, and 5A) and charge batteries much faster while still remaining simple to use one button charger. Charging our 3000mAh and 5000mAh batteries on the stock Taigen charger is not recommended, please consider an upgrade if you are purchasing an upgraded battery.


Q: What does 7.2V and mAh mean?

A: 7.2V is the nominal voltage of the 6 cell NiMh battery we use in our tanks. Milliampere (also abbreviated as mAh) refers to 1/1000 of an Amp. mAh refers to the capacity of the battery. The larger the mAh you have the more "juice" you will have to power your tank. 


Q: Why not lipo batteries instead of NiMh?

A: To be short, there is little need. The tanks pull so little current that a lithium based battery and the added risks they bring along are not yet worth the safety risks and additional costs. Even our 17lb+ tanks can climb a large incline and run out of grip before power. NiMh are much safer than Lithium based batteries and at this time it seems to be the best option for us. There are always ways to run your own batteries of course, but if you are not familiar with low voltage cutoffs this is not the route for you.