1/72nd Scale 3 Pack Special!

3 tanks together.jpg
3 tanks together.jpg

1/72nd Scale 3 Pack Special!


IMEX/Walterson's have really pulled out all the stops with these awesome little 1/72 scale remote controlled tanks. Not only does they work as an RC Tanks, you can also stage mock battles at home!

Each tank is moulded accurately with a high level of detail, then hand airbrushed in an accurate scheme so it really looks the part. Using working rubberized tracks these mini tanks are fully mobile and are capable of climbing up to 25 degree gradients.

The transmitter has a built in speaker for engine sounds as you drive, including engine start-up. You steer with the left hand controller stick and use the right to rotate the turret to take aim at your opponents before they get you. When you have your target in your sights press the left hand shoulder button to fire the machine gun and the right hand shoulder button to fire the cannon. The cannon makes the tank recoil and makes a firing noise as an infrared light is shot at your opponent.

This is where things get interesting, you can team up with up to 3 more players and their tanks (4 in total) and select from two teams to stage mock battles at your desk or table at home. Each player gets 5 lives and there is an LED indicator to show how many you have left, changing each time you get shot until your tank is disabled. The winner is the last player or team standing! There is lots of fun to be had with these unique products. 

Playing times of up to 15 minutes can be achieved & the intelligent binding system allows any tank to be bound to one transmitter. 


**Please Note!! This is a special deal, this will contain (x1) Abrams, (x1) T72M1, and (x1) Type 10 1/72nd scale tanks! All accessories are included as well as x3 transmitters for the tanks.**

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This sale consists of x3 tanks (1 of each type) for this listing. All tanks come brand new and with all accessories and goodies a single tank would. Happy tanking!!

  • Specifications

  • Duration: 15 min (Approx)

  • Radio System: Infrared

  • Scale: 1/72

  • Tank Battery: LiPo 1S (Included)

  • Charger: Built-in to the controller

  • Required for Use: 4 x 'AA' batteries

  • Realistic hand airbrushed weathering

  • Accurate decals pre-installed

  • Battle against other tanks using infrared (4 tanks, 2 teams)

  • Damage indicator LED

  • Makes noise and recoils when cannon fired

  • Machine gun button with sound effects

  • Working realistic rubber tracks

  • Rotating turret

  • Realistic engine sounds

  • Rechargeable tank battery

  • Easy to use controller (fully proportional)

  • Display base included